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I miss you
Oh, how I miss you
the way the leaves miss the breeze
when the air turns still
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I'm sorry
I'm sorry. I am trying to listen,
                trying so hard to listen to the words that pour from your mouth;
              arcs of light;
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feel, hear, watch
            feel me scream
            with burst lungs
           that leak laughter
       out into the cold night air,
         and hear me burning
               from the fire
                in my eyes
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my room
once, you asked me to imagine myself a room
that breathed
in every thought
i had, to paint it
with the echoes of colours,
you said, so
my vision would always rebound
to furnish it, so
each item had an untold story, a riddle
for me, to have
each surface
catch a memory, a snapshot of time
you took
bare foot, on soft sand
i stepped, between twisted tree
roots, you showed me
the way
birdsong drenched the rain, so
each drop burst
like ink
on the pale parchment walls.
once, you asked me to envisage myself a room
that let my heart-beat
sound, drum-
like, so
the air would resonate
with life, for me
to breathe
in the quivering sky.
Do You Want To See My Room Now?
there's a clean    white    floor and
laser cut
plastic walls, with pipes
with frozen fingertips, i painted
the sun, above
the ice, on the floor
i walk, barefoot,
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This machine broke down today.
Screaming cogs collided as teeth
mashed, tearing the paint work
And then they fell.
A pirouette finish for the jeering
tangle of snapped wires;
they clapped too hard.
Bolts smashed down staircase locks,
and left        a crack.
   It collapsed       
   a jumble of tarnished
bent steel clinging desperately to the air.
Shaking pistons
groaned on bent axels,
pounding at the floor;
leaking oil from cracked plates.
Ripped nails tore at the rusted lens;
into the silence
as   creaking   joints   slowed
and the piston turned once
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I want to be an artist
I want to be an artist.
i want to write words like i bleed ink onto paper bandages, leaking scrawled thoughts.
i want to paint like I bruise colours blossoming under skin, pouring life into pale ivory canvas.
i want to make people feel my words like i feel theirs and hear their hearts beating in the chests as they live each word and catch each breath; i want you to believe in the beauty around in every word that's spoken i want you to feel alive with promises that will and can be kept in secret worlds of canvas sunsets i want you to feel my maelstrom of thoughts with heightened senses i want you to taste the sound of life in every gasp of air i want you to embrace the world and feel it sink into your bones.
i want to be an artistbut i'm not brave enough.i can't keep tearing open these veins to pour my life onto blank canvas. i daren't rent a hole in this fragile world of mine, or come out from my mind's attic to search its basement for things i find beautiful. i fear small spaces.
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i've never been delicate, i know
clumsy feet with swollen ankles
trampling across heavy gold sand
i've never been innocent or honest
enough to walk with bare feet
on white sand in white cotton dresses.
Instead it's heavy soles
on calloused feet through muddy streams.
i prayed for myself one day hoping
my bones would grow thin
hollow fibres to make soft bird bones
for me to fly, thin tendons
holding delicate muscles,
instead of these tree sap muscles, knotted
around this carved granite
i can't walk straight tripping
over moss covered roots
i'm sorry; i'll never be delicate walking
on white sand, with pale skin
gleaming in the sun
i can traipse over black volcanic ash, fire
in my eyes, and charred skin
in the tarnished moonlight
forgive my weak mind
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we were beauty
we were the beauty in everything
we were every golden drop that tumbled
sunbeam tinted; and,
left suspended
we were every silent breath that stumbled
dew sodden; and
to green veins
we were beauty.
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United Kingdom
i'm hannah
i swim

that's me in a nutshell :D

if you've somehow managed to meander through the great worldwide web to end up here, then you may have taken a wrong turning. :)

read, comment, enjoy

toodles :)

Favourite genre of music: Anything thats good
Personal Quote: huh, what??
firstly i have been on here i'm just so far behind on reading other's deviations :/
secondly i keep trying to do my own stuff, only to realise most of it is just crap. then i looked at my gallery and realised most of that is crap as well. damn.

anyway going to try and upload some stuff in the next few days. I'v got my art exam back from school so will upload pics of that.



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you too kind. :thanks: thankyou
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